Why Ireland Is so Attractive to Tech Companies

In 1956, IBM was the first US tech company to set up its office in Ireland. In 2017, Ireland was chosen as the number one destination for US tech firms. What caused this drastic change? Apart from Ireland’s fast adaptation and strong innovation culture, the country also has a robust legal system that favours IT businesses and tech entrepreneurs. That’s why more and more American companies choose Ireland to reach out to Europe.

Ireland-Your Gateway to Europe

From world-famous big corporations like Microsoft, Apple, and Amazon to smaller companies or even online casinos, Ireland is a place where they can freely thrive. Imagine getting the support from your local chamber of commerce to set up an office in Ireland.

First of all, Ireland has a lower corporate tax rate, compared to the UK and many other countries in Europe. For a smaller company or online casino such as Gaming club Ireland, corporate tax is an important factor that determines their profit margin. If you are just starting out, and need a friendly environment that gives you the best opportunities for growth, you should consider Ireland. The country is especially a magnet for tech companies following Brexit.

The official language in Ireland is English. This alone makes it an attractive destination for tech companies coming from an English-speaking environment. The Irish population is also highly educated, so finding tech talent becomes much less an issue. In fact, to facilitate the need for foreign tech talent, the Irish government has approved new regulations that make it easy for foreign tech talent to come to the country to work. These regulations include easier visa sponsorship procedures and faster application processing.

If you are looking to expand your business to the European market, Ireland can be your best choice. Pick the right country, and your quest to conquer the world becomes a much easier one.