Functions of the Chambers of Commerce

The primary role of the Chambers of Commerce is protecting and promoting the interest of the business community. Discussed below are some of the other functions of the Chambers of Commerce.

Consulting Services

Consulting services are offered to Chamber members to assist them in the preparation of constituent instruments. These constituent instruments help the members in the registration of their businesses. The Chamber also represents foreign member companies.


The Chambers of Commerce functions as the spokesman of its members. It also collects and communicates information relevant to the businesses.

Representing Businesses to the Government

The Chamber talks on behalf of businesses to the government on several legislative issues. They make representation to the government about any detrimental issues affecting the business community. The Chamber also represents its members’ wishes to the government concerning proposed legislation, new legislation, and the need to amend existing law.

Exposure to the Market

The Chambers of Commerce organise trade exhibitions and industrial affairs, which gives business owners one on one interaction with clients, and potential clients. The business owners get to know their customers’ needs and want, and act on them, hence increasing their sales.

Settlement of Disputes

Whenever disputes arise between members of the Chambers, it is its responsibility to settle the disagreement or misunderstanding through arbitration. The Chamber ensures there is peace and unity among its members.

Organise Training

Chambers of Commerce are in charge of organising training, workshops, and seminars on behalf of its members. These events enlighten the members to the current market trends. They also host events for members to get a chance to present their issues and make suggestions.

The Chambers of Commerce makes sure that the interests of the business community are promoted and protected. As much as the Chambers of Commerce protects the interest of the members, it also organises charitable events to benefit the local community.